About Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai - Thondaimandalam

Tiruvannamalai is very famous place both spiritually and historically. The temple is very unique as it is one among pancha bhooda stalam and sung by saiva kuravargal.The annamaliayar kovil was built before 1100 years and the architecture of the temple has its contribution from various kingdom from Cholas, Pandias, Sambuvarayars Posalas, Vijayanagar kings, Nayaks,Nagarathargal, Cheftains and Zamindars.

The temple posseses more than 1000 statues and 450 stone inscriptions. The temple has more than 100 sannidhis. Various idols, bronze statues, paintings, thirusutrugal, thirtakulangal, 1000 pillar mahal and towering gopurams are the specialites of the temple. The temple is very enormous with an area covers around 25 acres and the East gopuram built by King Krishnadevarayar with a height of 217 ft which is the second tallest gopuram in Tamilnadu.

Other than this, the temple consists of vallala Maharaja gopuram, kili gopuram and ammani amman gopuram which are of historic important. The main deity of the temple is Annamalaiyar and Unnamalai Amman. The Ezhuthu Mandapam situated in Girivalam path is an excellent art gallery. Kanthashram. Pavazhakundru. Ramanashram and Astalingas around the Girivala path are few notable tourist spots.

Popular Place to visit In Tiruvannamalai

  • Girivalam, Arunachaleswarar Temple
  • Arunachaleswarar temple
  • Arunachala Mountain
  • Sri Ramanasramam
  • Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram
  • Yogi Ram Surath Kumar Ashram
  • Agini Lingam
  • Nirudhi Lingam
  • Varuna Lingam